Troll Nethermancer


Physical Description
A troll of nine feet, human shaped but more powerfully built.

DEX: 5
STR: 7
TOU: 6
PER: 6
WIL: 7
CHA: 6

Initiative: 5

Physical Defense: 7
Spell Defense: 8
Social Defense: 7

Physical Armor: 4
Mystic Armor: 2

Actions: 1
Attack: 7
Damage Sword: 12

Death: 46
Unconsciousness: 36
Wound Threshold: 10

Recovery Tests: 3
Knockdown: 7
Movement Rate: 7


Ladras is a Nethermancer who has strayed from the path and allied himself with a Horror.

Some time ago, in an attempt to gain sufficient power to avenge perceived slights against his honor, Ladras made a pact with a Horror, forcing the Horror to impart some of its knowledge. His knowledge included the ability to create undead and artificial life, abilities normally only known to the most powerful followers of his Discipline.

Ladras had tricked the Horror into revealing the knowledge by means of a contract sealed with a blood oath or so Ladras thought. What had really happened was that Ladras had been Horror-marked by the Horror tainted and corrupted, and via the connection of blood magic, influenced by the Horror. For a short time, Ladras could make use of new powers and abilities, but every time he used them, the Horror’s influence over Ladras grew.

Eventually, Ladras became the Horror’s servant, corrupted to a point where he was the Horror’s puppet, bound to do its bidding. At this point, the Horror commanded Ladras to go forth and create an army of undead for the Horror’s own twisted purposes. The very powers Ladras had gained in the hopes of furthering his own agenda he now used in the Horror’s service. After turning a handful of travelers into cadaver men, a basic type of undead Horror construct. Ladras came across a camp of lumberjacks hailing from the town of Tsennan. He kidnapped them with the help of his undead minions, planning to turn them into more cadaver men and even more powerful Horror constructs of a more grotesque nature.


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